Mr. Good Chem


    Proprietary to Good Chemistry Nurseries, Mr. Good Chem is a sativa dominant strain with unknown origin. Mr. Good Chem quickly became a favorite among employees and customers. The overall effect of Mr. Good Chem may provide a focused, creative high accompanied by possible stress relief.

    • Class: sativa
    Medical Flower
    • Joints$12
    • 1g$15
    • 1/8oz$45
    • 1/4oz$80
    • 1/2 oz$150
    • 1oz$285

    Green Heavy
    Sweet Floral
    Amplify Relax

    One of the dispensaries that has been making serious waves in Denver is Good Chemistry, a hip and visually pleasing little spot in Capitol Hill and Aurora. One of its tastiest strains is Mr. Good Chem, a hybrid they engineered especially for their customers.

    This strain has just the right blend of indica and sativa to keep you active and energized enough to get work done, but also relaxed and comfortable enough to just chill out and watch TV. This is a great strain to hit while working from home or doing homework, or while watching a movie.

    303 Magazine, Addison Herron-Wheeler.

    This sativa dominant strain is Good Chemistry’s most cherished cultivar. These chunky green nugs were rich with terpenes and trichomes. We smoked an entire ounce and couldn’t quite coin the avor, but it is one of the most intoxicating and pungent aromas of hashy lemon and pine we’ve ever seen and we just had to keep putting our nose in it.

    Mr. Good Chem is an incredible daytime or nighttime weed. Euphoria and inspiration are experienced within moments of pu ng. Users report a focused, creative high accompanied by stress relief and the giggles. Pick up an ounce at Good Chemistry and see why this gorgeous nug made the cut!

    Fox & Nug Magazine

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