Sour Diesel


    Sour Diesel is one of Good Chemistry Nurseries’ most popular strains. When consumed, the effects of this strain may be felt almost instantly, starting with a strong mental focus that may lead to a surge of long lasting energy, heightened senses and an increased appetite.

    • Class: sativa
    • Origin: Mexican Sativa x Chem Dawg
    Medical Flower
    • Joints$12
    • 1g$15
    • 1/8oz$45
    • 1/4oz$80
    • 1/2 oz$150
    • 1oz$285

    Sour Diesel probably belongs on a Mount Rushmore of marijuana — a fake monument that I desperately want my picture taken in front of. You’d be hard-pressed to walk into a Colorado dispensary and leave without seeing some form of Diesel on the shelf, so I’d be remiss if you didn’t know how to spot it.

    Sour Diesel is the ultimate in what I call a nice “vacation sativa.”

    The Cannabist, Jake Browne

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