To our valued Good Chemistry customers,

Some clarification on several news stories regarding the state review of our organic cultivation methods:

Good Chemistry is open and providing medical cannabis flower, concentrates and edibles to the Worcester community. Our new retail location in the Canal District was closed for several days at the request of state regulators while they review several of the innovative organic gardening practices at our cultivation facility in Bellingham. The state has not identified any specific, immediate or serious threats to the public’s health, safety or welfare through its testing of Good Chemistry’s products. They are simply exercising their authority to review any organic compounds used in the cultivation process which, in their view, have not been previously approved.

Good Chemistry is a nationally recognized and highly successful medical and retail cannabis company with a superior reputation and track record of compliance with state laws and regulations wherever we operate. We work very hard to advance and innovate industry best practices on all levels, including the development of organic techniques to prevent harmful molds, fungi and other contaminants. The organic compounds we use to prevent mold, fungus and insect contamination are sulfur and chrysanthemum extract. These compounds are USDA-certified for organic production and have been approved for agricultural food production by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources. They are approved for use in cannabis cultivation in Colorado, Nevada, Washington and Oregon, but they are new to Massachusetts. We understand and support the state’s caution with respect to any new organic compounds and cannabis cultivation techniques. We are hopeful their review will help improve the overall quality and safety of the Massachusetts cannabis industry as a whole.

To date, we have completed 59 state-certified contaminant tests covering 26 strains. None of these tests showed any levels of contaminants. We believe that every cannabis product we have provided to our Massachusetts medical marijuana patients is safe and effective. None of the organic cultivation compounds we use is on the state’s list of unsafe ingredients, and all of our medical cannabis products have passed the rigorous state testing process.

Operations at our cultivation facility were not placed on hold, and our experienced garden team continues to grow the highest quality cannabis to be made available for medical card holders.

We are grateful for the patience and support we received from Worcester medical patients during this brief closure, and we’re glad to be able to continue to serve the community.


-Team Good Chemistry

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