Celebrating Pride Month: The Inspiring Journey of Our CEO at the Intersection of Cannabis and LGBTQ+ Advocacy

As Pride Week approaches, it is important to recognize the interconnectedness between the LGBTQ+ community and the legalization of cannabis. This connection stems from the historical struggles faced by both communities and the therapeutic benefits that cannabis offers. A notable example of this relationship can be found in the personal story of Matthew Huron, our Founder and CEO, whose experience with cannabis during the AIDS epidemic shed light on the plant’s medicinal properties. This thought-provoking article by Commonwealth Magazine makes a clear connection of the LGBTQ+ origins of legal cannabis that can be traced back to individuals like Elmer, Matt’s late fathers’ partner, who found solace in cannabis during the AIDS crisis.

“When Elmer – and my dad, a few years later – were diagnosed with the [HIV/AIDS] virus, they began using cannabis medicinally, perhaps without even realizing it. All they knew was that cannabis soothed their pain, increased their appetites, and decreased their anxiety.” Matt continues, “Today, the cannabis industry has grown to an over $30 billion market, which means a lot of venture capitalists and Wall Street types have flocked to it on a mission to make a quick buck, but do not have a passion to produce quality flower. Our mission, however, has always been guided by the impact cannabis had on my father and Elmer, and the overall Pride and cannabis legalization movements that I watched gain momentum throughout my childhood.”


You can read the full article here.

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