Products that are marked with the Energy icon may help you feel euphoric and energized. An example of a product in the Energy category is Good Chemistry's Sour Diesel. The intense aroma of our Sour Diesel is almost enough to make your eyes water from one whiff. When consumed, the effects of this strain can be felt almost instantly, starting with a strong mental focus that can lead to a surge of long lasting energy, heightened senses and an increased appetite.


Products that are marked with the Relaxation icon may help calm the nerves and alleviate tension. An example of a product in the Relaxation category is Airborne G-13. With a hint of sage & lemon, this relaxing strain tastes just like it smells. The rumored government strain “G-13” crossed with Northern Lights #2 create an enjoyable indica dominant strain.


Products that are marked with the Relief icon may help to alleviate emotional and physical pain. An example of a product in the Relief category is Good Chemistry’s award-winning strain, Blue Dream. Blue Dream is a sweet, smooth, smoke and may promote creativity. Known for its strength and length of high, Blue Dream’s lineage may balance full body relief with cerebral stimulation.


Products that are marked with the Sleep icon May make muscles and body feel heavy or emphasize drowsiness. An example of a product in the Sleep category is Good Chemistry's legendary "Ingrid." Exclusive to Good Chemistry, Ingrid is a heavy Indica strain known for possible night time pain relief and may be helpful for sleep. Take your time when consuming Ingrid, as the extreme sedative effects may not present themselves until 30 minutes after use.
Good Chemistry classifications are based on Good Chemistry historical experience, and are only applicable to persons 18 years of age or older.
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