Good Chemistry’s Simple, Fun, Free Tool to Help Cannabis Consumers Assess High Quality Cannabis – S.T.A.T.S

“Whether novice of aficionado, knowing how to assess cannabis flower quality is key to having the best possible experience.”
All Cannabis is not created equal, and just as wine enthusiasts enjoy a use friendly tasting system, Good Chemistry Nurseries, one of the industry’s most experienced Cannabis producers has now created a stylish, easy-to-use free consumer Cannabis evaluation guide for assessing quality Cannabis flower. The S.T.A.T.S. method – Sight, Touch Aroma, Taste, Sensation – is a guide to helping consumers evaluate essential aspects of the flower in order to make the most informed and satisfying purchase decisions.
“Just as American consumers have become more knowledgeable about quality wine and craft beer, Good Chemistry Nurseries’ S.T.A.T.S. guide will help consumers quickly and easily assess high quality cannabis,” noted Matthew Huron, CEO, Good Chemistry. Huron is widely recognized as one of the most experienced cultivators of marijuana in the United States. “The S.T.A.T.S. Guide was developed by the Good Chemistry Nurseries cultivators who have years of experience backed by extensive education in horticulture and botany, but we hope consumers will utilize this guide no matter where they purchase their Cannabis.”
The S.T.A.T.S. Guide provides newer consumers the guidelines they need to determine the quality of Cannabis flowers, and allows experienced users a new way to look at the complex world they already appreciate. Established through consumer surveys, strain evaluations, and a team of cultivation experts, S.T.A.T.S. provides consumers with a universal guide to selecting high quality Cannabis. The guide was developed as a simple, easy-to-use evaluation tool and will change the way consumers view and purchase Cannabis flower.


Sight: Seeing the flower can sometimes be the only evaluation option before purchase, so it is important to know what the visual cues for remarkable cannabis are. S.T.A.T.S. helps consumers evaluate qualities including trichome content, color and trim.

Touch: Touching the flower can help with evaluating the cure (the controlled drying process to achieve proper moisture content post-harvest). S.T.A.T.S. defines how your bud should feel.

Aroma: Each strain has a unique aroma. Distinctions can be made between high and poor quality aroma. S.T.A.T.S. reviews what scents should be expected, and what smells can denote poor quality.

Taste: Different strains will have different flavor profiles. Similar to wine tasting, experience is necessary to distinguish between different flavors in the strains. Plus, how to ensure you are getting the best taste out of your flower.

Sensation: The first sensation that comes from cannabis is the sensation of lift, or of being high. Varying experience levels may affect how people feel with each strain and the amount of time people feel lifted. Good Chemistry has identified the key categories of sensations that can come from different strains including Amplify, Relax, Relieve, and Sleep.

An electronic copy of the S.T.A.T.S. guide is available for free to the public at statsguide.org. Hard copy booklets are available at no cost at Good Chemistry’s locations on 9 Harrison Street in the Canal District.

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