How to Run Effective Online Meetings

We’ve all been in them The meetings where you feel as if you’re getting nowhere and everyone is waiting for the meeting to end so they can go back to their normal work. With more teams working remotely because of COVID-19, it’s more crucial to conduct effective online meetings. You can make simple changes to your online meeting regardless of whether you’re a leader or a participant.

Create an agenda and pin it to the meeting channel. This will help the participants know what they can expect and less likely that they lose focus or forget their place during the meeting. A clear outline of the meeting’s objectives also allows people to come to the meeting with questions and ideas prepared which is especially important in virtual meetings where it can be difficult to read non-verbal signals.

Make sure you speak clearly and purposefully. Video conferencing can cause you to be a bit sporadic, so being overly descriptive can be beneficial. If needed, share your screen to illustrate your point. This saves time and generates greater understanding of your subject for the entire team.

Encourage your team members to take notes on paper. Writing by hand is more effective than typing in aiding people to remember and comprehend the information later on.

Start at the right time. Meetings can be overwhelmed by participants who are too busy checking their emails or using social media. Being on time for the meeting also reduces the amount of frustration that can build up as people wait for others to join the meeting.


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