Limited Release Exotics at Good Chemistry

Good Chemistry Nurseries cultivates cannabis flower to the highest standards in Massachusetts. Our master cultivators rigorously select and test genetics and phenotypes providing an exceptionally wide variety of cannabis strains. Not only do we provide the essential favorites like Durban Poison and Hindu Kush, we also develop unique genetics for sativa, indica and hybrid strains that can only be found on Good Chemistry’s shelves, like Ingrid and Mr. Good Chem. Cultivating unique one of a kind strains is at the heart of Good Chemistry’s passion for remarkable cannabis. Every cannabis strain developed is cultivated for multiple generations. Imperfections are eliminated and what’s offered to customers is always consistent and truly special. 

Good Chemistry is MA’s most experienced and responsible cultivator of new cannabis strains. We excel at introducing cannabis consumers to new sativa and indica varieties and hybrid strains that are grown in limited quantities known as exotics. With a retail location that is a pleasure to shop in, Good Chemistry consistently offers 15-20 strains on our menu every day at our Worcester location. 


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