Get ready to embark on a journey with Switchback, one of our GC Unique proprietary strains, that is sure to take you on a ride. With a lineage of Black Cherry Gelato and Palisade Poison #5, these large buds are a combination of dark and light green with rust orange pistils and a heavy layer of trichomes. The nose of Switchback has a sweet pine aroma, while the flavor is earthy with a hint of pine. Just like its namesake, Switchback consumers have reported that the high is back and forth, with a great sativa high that also hits heavy behind the eyes, giving you the perfect balance of energy and relaxation. (*Good Chemistry classifications are based on Good Chemistry historical experience and are only applicable to persons 21 years of age or older.)

    • Class: sativa
    • Origin: Black Cherry Gelato x Palisade Poison #5

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